Christ Proclaims a Better Way

All our efforts at self-deliverance are doomed.

But there is good news! In the person and work of his Son, God has already done everything necessary to save us. By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus secured forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who desire it.

He offers new life to all people, which we receive by faith, trusting him as our only King and Savior.

In trusting him, we are transformed and begin to live new lives.

Though our practices may at points resemble those of world religions, our motive is completely different. Other religions command us to earn acceptance, Christianity teaches that we live new lives because we have been accepted already through Jesus!

This is why Christians call the message of the Bible “good news” (gospel).  As a Christian church, we are committed to proclaiming this gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.