Some might find it interesting that we would describe our worship service as simple and ordinary.  Those words don’t sound exciting or entertaining. 

What we mean by simple (not simplistic) and ordinary is that we simply aim to do in our worship what God has commanded in His Word- nothing more, nothing less. 

Our worship “style” values what God has revealed to us in His word more than human creativity or originality. 

Our worship is simple, sure, but beyond its simple surface, there is housed an inexhaustible storehouse of meaning and impact.  

In worship, we are called to do simple things, having this assurance: when we attend to what God directly commands, we should expect our Father in heaven—by the Spirit through our vital union with Jesus Christ (who makes our worship acceptable)—to work in ways that nurture and sustain us for our good and his glory.

This kind of worship is simultaneously simple, profound, and beautiful.

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