Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church (OPC) of Madison Alabama.  Our prayer is to be a church that reaches the Huntsville community with the hope of the gospel.  We are a congregation of reformed believers who seeks to glorify God through our worship, fellowship, and service.

Come visit and join us for practical, Christ centered, biblical teaching, and joyful God-honoring worship!


210px-OrthodoxPresbyterianChurchlogoThe Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) was established in 1936 as a testimony to the Bible when the Bible’s authority was being denied.  “Orthodox” is an old word that means straight teaching.  As Orthodox Presbyterians, we believe what the bible teaches- that God the Father gave up his son Jesus Christ to death on a cross to pay the price for the sins of his people.  We also seek to follow what the bible commands.  The Orthodox Presbyterian Church tries to live consistently with the principles of Christianity and to share with others the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.  There are over 300 OPC churches across the U.S., as well as active mission works in several foreign countries.
For more information about the OPC please visit the denominational website.

Our Pastor

Thole Family 2021-42

Welcome to Providence Presbyterian Church!  I am Pastor Darren Thole.  I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my family to you.  I hope that we can get to know you as well!  We very much enjoy the worship and fellowship at Providence and welcome you to join us in praising and serving our Savior!

Providence Church has been very welcoming to us.  My family and I are new to the South, having come recently from South Dakota.  There I was pastor of a country church for over 12 years.  We have no family in the area, but have enjoyed making friends in the church and community.  We are glad to be here!

My wife Jennifer and I have been married for over 25 years.  We have four children:  Jayden, Clayton, Franklin, and Annaclaire.  We enjoy spending time together as a family doing a number of things.  The kids like anything outdoors:  camping, fishing, hunting, sports, etc.  This is in part because their dad shares these same interests.  Jennifer enjoys camping, watching the kids play their sports, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.  She welcomes time spent with family and friends.

Both Jennifer and I grew up experiencing both big city and rural life.  Jennifer grew up in Southern California and in rural Minnesota on a farm.  I lived in many different states during my growing up years because my dad is a pastor.  The variety of places Jennifer and I have lived has made us very adaptable to and appreciative of new places.  We are able to see the advantages and blessings of every place God has brought us.

Jennifer and I met at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.  Jennifer has an elementary teaching degree with a Spanish minor and has been certified as a bilingual teacher.  I graduated with a BA in Religion and Theology and went immediately into seminary.  I graduated with a M.Div. from the Protestant Reformed Seminary in 1997.  We moved to Hamill, SD in November of 1998.  I was ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in April, 1999 and served Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Hamill, SD through March of 2011.  I am very consciously and deliberately a pastor in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church because of its strong commitment to biblical inerrancy, biblical truth, God-glorifying worship, and the belief that all credit in salvation should be given to God who sovereignly and graciously bestows on undeserving sinners the salvation entirely earned by Jesus Christ alone.

I look forward to serving the congregation here as long as the Lord wills.  I am excited to lead a congregation that desires biblical preaching and teaching.  We are in the process of expanding our learning and ministry opportunities.  We would love for you to be a part of what the Lord is doing in our midst!  Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Pastor Darren Thole

Church Life

2019 Memorial Day Picnic

It is important for the body of Christ to join together in worship, service, and fellowship.  We seek to accomplish this in several ways.



Come visit us!

Our warm and inviting fellowship provides an encouraging atmosphere to learn more about the Bible and how you can serve God in your every day life.

We’d love to have you join us!



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